Waiting times in the NHS: why wait?

waiting times in the NHSI waiting times in the NHS, in recent years, unfortunately, have expanded enormously. The continuous spending cuts, Interest focused on only a few pathologies - undoubtedly important, but not the only ones, and perhaps nealso the most frequent - the failure, for economic reasons, to renew operating room equipment and principals, and the limited opportunities for physicians to keep up to date, often crushed by very heavy shifts due to the blocking of turnover - again for economic reasons - of health personnel in public hospitals, mean that many patients have to wait many months if not years to undergo surgery - for example, for diseases that are undoubtedly benign but often seriously interfere with the daily life of the sufferer.
I am talking especially about the proctological pathologies, as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, anal fistulas, and of the abdominal wall pathologies - inguinal hernias, umbilicals, epigastric, diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles. Conditions that often afflict young, busy patients, interfering with their well-being, their daily commitments, and their serenity.
Today many people, in order to obviate the intolerable increase in the waiting times in the NHS of our country, resort to the integrative health care, taking out insurance that allows them to deal with their health problems without worry and in the right timeframe. For those who may not yet have access to these forms of insurance, which are actually The future for health protection in our country, our group has agreed, with primary clinics in Turin, of the surgical benefit packages, which allow the intervention to be approached for hemorrhoids, anal fissure, perianal fistula, inguinal hernia and umbilical at a low cost and by installment, if desired.
NHS waiting times, hemorpex system, HPS, hemorrhoids, dearterization, hemorrhoid dearterization, THDAll using the most modern and minimally invasive techniques: for example, for the treatment of hemorrhoids up to grade III, the HPS (HemorPex System) technique, which makes it possible to greatly contain postoperative pain and to Discharge the patient on the same day as the surgery, with a quick return to his life and normal activities
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