I have hemorrhoids - But WHY do I have them???

Two lines on the causes of internal hemorrhoids.

Obviously, all things (including the human organism) are made to perform a certain function or series of functions, and for this reason they have "limits" of functioning-limits that are determined precisely by how they are constructed and the work they do. Many diseases abide by this simple rule.
The rectum is a kind of container in which feces accumulate to undergo the very last transformations before being eliminated; the anus constitutes the "gateway to the outside world" in this elimination mechanism, and therefore its activity is closely coordinated with that of the rectum. But this is not enough, because the "third actor" participating in the game, namely the feces, must be taken into account.
causes of internal hemorrhoidsIn the rectum, feces are accumulated, further dehydrated and then expelled outward, subject to the opening of the anal sphincters (which are two, one internal and one external). We have already mentioned that Hemorrhoids are part of this mechanism, because on the one hand they contribute to the sphincter mechanism, and on the other hand they accompany the feces outward.
That is, constipation and diarrhea (both, of course, for prolonged periods of time) are the main culprits in the changes that lead to hemorrhoidal disease. Consequently, a DIET POOR IN FIBERS, LACK OF INHABITATION OF LIQUIDS, SEDENTARY LIFE (things that all concur to cause constipation) can cause the onset of hemorrhoidal pathology. And in fact they are its main cause, far more important than diarrhea, since the latter is usually episodic, while constipation, far more often, is chronic.
A very important chapter is that of occurrence of hemorrhoidal pathology due to INCREASE IN ADDOMINAL PRESSURE. A classic example is PREGNANCY. Increased abdominal pressure causes increased pressure at the rectal level, and therefore also at the hemorrhoidal level, causing all those alterations (rupture of the fibers of the hemorrhoidal pads, elongation and deformation of the hemorrhoidal venous plexuses, etc. etc.) that we have already discussed. Pregnancy is among the causes of internal hemorrhoids as it causes a major increase in abdominal pressure, and even more so does PARTITION. It is very common to see pregnant or postpartum women with massive hemorrhoidal prolapses. These women MUST BE FOLLOWED BY A COLOPROCTOLOGIST, and especially THE SIMPLE USE OF LOCAL MEDICATIONS (POMATES, VASOPROTECTORS, ETC.) IS ALMOST ENTIRELY USELESS IF NOT MONITORED AND/OR ASSOCIATED WITH OTHER PROVISIONS that only the Coloproctologist is able to prescribe.
It is not uncommon for hemorrhoidal prolapses to APPARENTLY disappear after childbirth: but in fact the machine has been set in motion, and in the end, in women, pregnancy is probably the most important cause of hemorrhoidal pathology.
There is also, among the vcauses of internal hemorrhoids, a FAMILY PREDICTION to the development of the disease: as is the case with leg varices, those who have one or both parents who have suffered from hemorrhoids have a higher risk of developing the disease. This is for complex reasons of biochemical alterations in the tissues that make up the vessel walls of the hemorrhoid pads, a subject too specialized to be of interest: suffice it to know that it exists... so, going back to what was said at the beginning, if the machine is built badly, sooner or later it will stop working properly.

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