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Dermosurgery, outpatient surgery, local anesthesiaAmbulatory surgery: what is it?

Cysts, lipomas, warts, nevi , and other small lesions of the skin and its adnexa, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue, although they generally-but not always-constitute minor pathologies, are among the most frequent reasons for patients to see a surgeon, and their treatment is, on the whole, referred to as outpatient surgery.

Their treatment takes place under local anesthesia, on an outpatient basis, and does not involve post-surgical hospitalization: this is why such procedures are, on the whole, referred to as outpatient surgery

Ambulatory surgery: a "minor" surgery?

It is wrong to think that ambulatory surgery is "minor" surgery and that Dermo Surgeons perform surgeries that are easy to perform from a technical point of view: there are some lesions that, because of their location, size, and characteristics, may require considerable surgical skill, such as the ability to pack flaps, grafts, or perform other advanced plastic surgery techniques. This is especially true in the treatment of skin cancers, such as carcinoma or melanoma, which require special attention and appropriate surgical training. 

Ambulatory surgery with our team

The dermo-surgeon physicians of the team in Cuccomarino, MD possess specific technical and surgical training in ambulatory surgery and are able to perform all the most advanced techniques for the treatment of these frequent, bothersome and sometimes serious conditions.