Hemorrhoids and fissures are treated in the outpatient clinic

hemorrhoids, anal fissureHemorrhoids and anal fissures? Treatment most often is outpatient. These are difficult times, we all know. The ongoing epidemic has forced all hospitals to suspend outpatient visits and surgical activity, except in emergencies, to make room for infected patients. However, life goes on for everyone, and the health problems that worried us before continue to worry us now.

Not everything can be treated in an outpatient setting; however, for several proctologic conditions, quite a bit can be done. For example, the hemorrhoids and anal fissures can be treated on an outpatient basis: the second- and third-degree hemorrhoids with the procedures of elastic ligation and sclerosis, and the anal fissures with topical nitroglycerin and lidocaine treatments and, possibly, after confirming the pressure values of the anal sphincter system with manometry, with infiltrations of botulinum toxin. These are painless, simple and inexpensive methods, which in most cases effectively resolve these bothersome problems.

Hemorrhoids and anal fissures are not serious health problems, but they certainly can worsen the quality of life. Treating them on an outpatient basis is possible, not dangerous and, in the hands of a good proctologist, simple and inexpensive. For this, we remain at your disposal at our office in Chivasso, De Medica, Corso Galileo Ferraris 12 F, telephone 01119903768 and inTurin, in the offices of Pinna Pintor Clinic, via Amerigo Vespucci 61, telephone 0115802100. To contact us, our Facebook page or the following contact form is also available:

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