Groin hernia and Trabucco's technique: in Argentina!

Inguinal hernia, Trabucco technique, inguinal hernia pain, inguinal hernia pain,La Trabucco technique for inguinal hernia repair has also arrived in Argentina. Last week I was busy demonstrating the simplicity and effectiveness of this technique by operating in several hospitals in Rosario and Buenos Aires. The activity of disseminating the technique of Trabucco has been enthusiastically received by Argentine colleagues, especially by physicians in specialty training who have realized that this method for repairing the inguinal hernia is easy, effective, and reproducible. All the surgeries I have performed have been broadcast live to groups of Surgeons who are specialists in abdominal wall surgery around the world; and one surgery went live streaming on YouTube: you can, if you wish, find it at the end of the article.

What really matters is, once again, the dissemination of knowledge and the mutual exchange of Trabucco technique, inguinal hernia, inguinal hernia causes, cure for inguinal hernia, inguinal hernia pain,ideas and observations. It is clear that the technique of Trabucco is not the only viable option for surgery of the inguinal hernia: Today it is increasingly evident and recognized that, for example, in many situations (as in the bilateral inguinal hernia and in the recurrent inguinal hernia) the technical "gold standard" is laparoscopic surgery - an option that I ALWAYS offer to my patients, and it is a pity that very few Surgeons in Italy do this; but the technique of Trabucco remains an important arrow in the Surgeon's quiver, allowing him to offer the patient a procedure that does not require general anesthesia, is quick, painless, and minimally invasive (the incision we normally use does not exceed 4 to 5 cm).

Inguinal hernia surgery is among the most frequently performed in the world, yet it continues to be burdened with a number of complications-postoperative pain, hematomas, seromas, early and late recurrences-sincerely unjustifiable and unpleasant for both patient and operator. Trabucco's technique makes it possible to offer the patient a standardized procedure geared toward maximum reduction of pain and other postoperative complications and with recurrences of less than 2 percent; it represents a valid alternative to laparoscopic surgery in unilateral inguinal hernia and allows the Surgeon to use high-tech nets that guarantee maximum patient comfort, such as the HerniameshHybridmesh®, a partially absorbable quadriaxial net whose weight is reduced by 75% in about two years, minimizing discomfort due to the "foreign body" sensation. Unfortunately, this net is not available in most Italian Hospitals; however, thanks to an exclusive agreement with the manufacturer, I am able to offer it to my patients.

And here is the video of the inguinal hernia repair surgery with Trabucco technique performed in Buenos Aires and broadcast live on YouTube! In this surgery, I actually use a Hybridmesh, and in the video I illustrate its main features. Enjoy watching!

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