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Hemorrhoid surgery,
Scuola Medica Salernitana

Proctology: an ancient discipline...

Proctology is one of the oldest disciplines in Medical Science. Very interesting evidence of the practice of proctology can be found in the oldest medical texts, as, for example, the illustration opposite, representing an operation for hemorrhoids performed by a Master Surgeon of the Salerno Medical School in the 12th century, shows.

Proctology and surgery

The Proctologic Surgeon is an experienced professional in the surgical and outpatient treatment of diseases of the rectum and anus. To achieve this qualification, he or she has completed advanced training in the treatment of these diseases, in addition to specialization in General Surgery. The Proctologic Surgeon, through proctologic examination and with the aid ofanoscopy and rectoscopy, is able to diagnose both benign and malignant diseases of the rectum andanus, giving indications on possible medical therapy and carrying out, outpatient or surgically if necessary, the most suitable treatment in each case.

Strong points of our activity are the instrumental treatment of hemorrhoids with elastic ligation and sclerosis, transanal hemorrhoidal dearterization, and noninvasive treatment of anal fissure by chemical sphincterotomy (nitric oxide, botulinum toxin).

Proctology with our Surgeons

The proctology team of the Cuccomarino, MD consists of specialists who have worked in prestigious European institutions and today make their talents and innovative therapeutic proposals available to patients in the field of diseases of the rectum and anal region. In addition, we deal with Surgical Gastroenterology and the diagnosis with the breath test ofHelicobacter pylori.
We treat, always with the utmost respect for the uniqueness and integrity of each patient, and with minimally invasive methods whenever possible, the following diseases of the anus and rectum: