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What is anal pain?

Anal pain -that is, pain located at the level of theanus and in the perianal region-is one of the most common reasons for seeking proctological examination. Although in most cases the causes of pain are benign in nature, it can be debilitating because of the rich sensory innervation of the ano-perianal region. Many of the conditions that cause anus pain can also be a cause of bleeding, more often alarming than severe. It is rare that anal pain is an indicator of a more serious pathological condition, such as cancer.

Pain in the anus: what to do?

Anal pain, fissure, hemorrhoidal thrombosis, anal fistulaThe use of the proctologic surgeon must be Urgent when, along with anal pain, the following are noted.:

  • a hematochezia, i.e., bleeding that is mainly manifested by the presence of bloodstains on toilet paper, or significant or nonstoprectal bleeding , particularly when accompanied by lightheadedness, dizziness, or weakness;
  • A progression of symptomatology: that is, pain in the anus that worsens, spreads to surrounding areas, and is accompanied by fever, chills , and/or purulent discharge.


Anal pain: when to schedule proctological examination?

Referral to a proctology specialist should be made when anus pain persists for more than a few days. When a'external hemorrhoid quickly develops or begins to ache, can mean that a thrombus developed within it. Removal of the thrombus in the first 48 hours can make the painful symptoms resolve. I hemorrhoidal thrombi, although painful, can never be the source of distant complications (such as embolism Anal pain, hemorrhoidal thrombus, hemorrhoidal thrombosislung or brain) as opposed to thrombi that form in other veins in the body.

A major cause of anus pain is anal fissure; if diagnosed in time and in the correct manner ( an anal manometry should always be associated with the proctologic examination), it can be treated medically or by botulinum toxin injections, thus avoiding surgery.

It is also a good idea to always schedule a proctological examination when rectal bleeding is noted, especially when you are over 40 years old, to rule out the presence of less frequent but serious conditions such as colon cancer, which can sometimes be associated with anal pain.



Pain in the anus: read more

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